Audition videos & showreels

You want to give your best performance with professional feedback?

You need to submit a self recorded video for a casting call?

You need a show reel to showcase your skills?

Take advantage of Michel Tereba's experience in film in front an behind the camera. By helping you find the essence of your next role and make you perform variations that take you out of your comfort zone, your performance will let you stand out from the masses.

The service includes professional equipment in the comfort of your home: Lights, camera, microphone and editing.

English, Deutsch, Français, Lëtzebuergesch or Klingon. What matters is how you perform, not the language!

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Michel Tereba is a s a professional film director with 20 years of experience and has also been working as for 7 years as a professional actor.

His career covers documentaries on the RTL series RoutWäissGro and "D'Preise së rëm zréck" for cinema, thrillers like ADAM behind the camera and the sitcom Comeback, international feature films like Le Dernier Diamant and Black '47 amongst many others in front of the camera.